Amazon Wireless, one of our favorite online mobile retailers, launched its Black Friday promotions a little early this year, and boy are they good!

Did I say good? I meant absolutely incredible (though, unfortunately, only for new customers): every single phone at Amazon Wireless sold by Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint is going for just 1 penny.

Yup, even such $299 monsters as the HTC Rezound 4G and the DROID RAZR, along with the Galaxy S II variants (including the Skyrocket) are all priced down to a cent above free.

97 phones in total are participating in this Penny Pincher promotion, which is scheduled to go through Cyber Monday (November 28th), giving you ample time to pick up the best cell phone deals of the year. And here we thought the $111.11 RAZR deal was good only a couple of weeks ago...

image image image

Droid RAZR, Epic 4G Touch, Rezound 4G

image image image

Galaxy S II Skyrocket, EVO 3D, Atrix 2

and the list goes on...

To make the deals even sweeter, Amazon Wireless is combining the sale with the $100 Amazon Gift Card promo that we saw last week - all you have to do is activate a mobile hotspot data plan during your purchase.

This sale is going to really give every mobile retailer out there a run for their money this holiday season. Are you watching this, Best Buy? Because, folks, that is how you throw a proper Black Friday sale.

Amazon Wireless "Penny Pincher" Black Friday sale