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Google debuted its official music store this week, and it's clear that the company has made a serious effort to bring to market a product that is geared towards consumers and artists alike. But can it crack a market that's already well-saturated (not to mention lead by the juggernaut that is iTunes)? Let's take a quick look at some of our post-launch coverage of the service:

  • Google Music is now out of beta. Contrary to what was initially planned, the cloud music service will remain free up to 20,000 songs. Other highlights include a full MP3 store with an emphasis on making things social (via Google+, of course) and a strong focus on being artist (especially indie) friendly.
  • The Google Music app saw an update to match, and is now version 4.0.9. Much like the 4.0.1 release we leaked in early October, the most notable change in the new version of the app is a UI overhaul.
  • The app and store aren't the only aspect of the GMusic to see a visual upgrade - the company also created an absolutely stunning website tour.

Now that we've rehashed the details, what do you think? The service undeniably has potential, but is it enough to steal people away from other services? David gave us his take earlier this week and makes some valid points, but do you agree? Sound off in the poll below, and head down to the comments to discuss.

Google Music Is Here, But Will You Use It?

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