I don't know what is up with Google and web design today, but hot on the heels of the revamp comes... this.

The Google Music Tour.


I spent the first 5 minutes just hovering over the little colored lines, because the sound is just so cool. Each line plays a musical note; it feels like you're trying to call down the spaceship from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

If you can ever pry yourself away from the cool little mouse over noises, you can actually start using the website. It's the standard set of feature explanation videos, but the whole time you are building a song.

Your musical journey begins with clicking on one of the colored lines. One instrument from the song will start, and the line starts to move upwards, doing a waveform visualization thing in time to the music. Then it circles YouTube video and you learn something about Google Music.


This isn't just any Youtube embed though, it's totally chromeless. There's no seek bar, or volume, or really anything - and there's rounded borders. Man is it pretty.

Then it's time to click another colored line, which adds another instrument to the music, and a 2nd waveform line to carry you along to the next video. It's all just so awesome.


At the end of it, you are treated to the full song, with all the waveforms going at once. Did I mention they did all this in canvas? Yeah.. Google is crazy.

I want more of this, Google. More. Now.

via Dan Morrill's Google+