is totally new. And awesome. And you should go look at it.

You'll be introduced to Android 4.0 and its new features (like you don't already know). You'll get some app recommendations, and be blow away by the web design. There's even a section extolling the virtues of Android development.


The homepage is especially awesome, the live wallpaper on the phone and tablet is interactive. Everything on the site has nice little swoopy animations and beautiful design. It's just fun to explore.


"Get Apps" is full of categorized app recommendations . The little "app buckets" animate left and right when you click on the arrows, and the apps jump out of the buckets when you click on them. It's all very nicely animated. A screenshot isn't going to do it justice.

Oh, and be sure to mouse over the little Android guy at the bottom. He'll do all sorts of cool animations, I won't spoil them for you. Just go try it.