This time of year brings many common traditions, one of which is to send out holiday greeting cards to friends and family. You could: go to the store, pick from what they have to offer, buy the one that sucks the least, take it home, fill each one out... you get the idea.

Or, you could just grab this new app from Sincerely Ink called "Holiday Cards," skip the store, and do it all from your mobile device. Which sounds easier? Thought so.

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So, here's what you get: over thirty cards and illustrations to choose from, including religious, non-religious, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year themes. You can personalize each card with a message, photo, family name, and all the other stuff that people expect to be able to slap onto a holiday card.

Once you get your card customized, prettified, and exactly how you want it to be, you can send it out to your entire Christmas list in a snap. Each card is printed on heavyweight 5x7 inch postcards and delivered within three to five business days -- all for around $1.69 each (in the US).

If you're ready to give Holiday Cards a go, hit the link below -- and don't forget to send some Christmas love our way.