Lending credence to theories that Google's November 16th event may have something to do with the debut of the Google Music Store, a writer at TecnoDroidVe has discovered (what appears to be) a work-in-progress version of the store, accessing it from his HTC Inspire 4G. While it's unclear how exactly Ricardo found his way into the Music Store, the screenshots he was able to recover look very promising.

GoogleMusic_market_android_tecnodroidve_1a GoogleMusic_market_android_tecnodroidve_2 GoogleMusic_market_android_tecnodroidve_8 GoogleMusic_market_android_tecnodroidve_10

While the Music Store isn't fully functional (you can't purchase or download songs yet), there is evidence that it will be awesome. For starters, Google has evidently integrated a "Free Song Of The Day" feature, which, as the name implies, offers users a free song each day. Besides that, the Google Music Store appears to offer recommendations for similar artists to those who you've searched for or purchased from.

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While the music store already looks great, TecnoDroidVe makes it clear that Google has been polishing it up in recent days, and we can only hope that the finished product is indeed unveiled on the 16th in Los Angeles.

Source: TecnoDroidVe