Rohan Shravan, CEO of Notion Ink, updated a blog post yesterday with a rather nonchalant statement revealing that the source code behind Ice Cream Sandwich may be released November 17th. Yes, you read correctly – this Thursday may be the day.


Normally a remark like this wouldn't be taken at face value, but Shravan already has a track record with this sort of thing, having accurately predicted the release of Android Gingerbread last year. Shravan's claim seems even more plausible when considering the fact that the European Galaxy Nexus has been confirmed for launch on the 17th. You may also remember that Dan Morrill made it clear last month that Ice Cream Sandwich's source would not be released before the Galaxy Nexus.

Of course, without confirmation from Google, we can only wait in anticipation, but luckily we won't have to wait long before seeing if this statement in fact materializes.

Source: Notion Ink blog