How many task managers that keep track of To-Do items can we need on Android? The creators of Taskos, which in itself is a task list manager, thought we were in such dire need for one more that they had to one-up even themselves and create Any.DO.

Any.DO has a completely new interface that is so slick that you will find yourself wondering whether you're running an Android app at all. In fact, it's kind of reminiscent of a style Windows Phone 7 uses, but don't freak out - that's actually a good thing. Fresh, fluid, and extremely clean - it is a breath of fresh air from the second you start using it.

Any.DO has the task list management features you would expect from an app in this space, but its UI is where it really shines. The app lets you:

  • Start typing and see predictions what you're trying to do (this seems to be some sort of a crowd-sourced list of tasks, probably from their Taskos database - I sure hope they put precautions in place so that this personal info never shows up as someone else's suggestion). It seems to work for basic things, like "walk/walk the dog" or if you try to type in a contact's name and click on it, you get quick prompts to Call/Meet/Text/Email that contact.
  • Create folders/categories for your tasks.
  • Change task priority (currently it seems to be limited to just low and high priorities, which is odd, although it is indeed simple).
  • Slice and dice your tasks by date, folder, and priority.
  • Drag and drop tasks.
  • Swipe to complete tasks.
  • Shake to clear completed tasks (though I'd also like an ability to delete tasks without having to complete them).
  • Set reminders, including basic recurrence.
  • Add notes.
  • Add widgets to your homescreens (3x3 and 1x4).
  • Set a black or white theme.
  • Automatically and manually back up and restore tasks.
  • Sync with Google Tasks, with plans to sync with other sources in the future (though I got the feeling this section was used simply for SEO tags).
  • Share tasks with others and get notified when shared tasks are updated.

Any.DO creators emphasize that one of the differentiating factors of the app is the ability to share tasks with friends and family without the need for creating accounts in advance, or even using any apps on the other end. This indeed is cool, but in my tests sharing to someone's email either didn't work at all (email never arrived) or the email did arrive but clicking "Sure, count me in" didn't actually do anything other than go to

An iOS app, browser support, and a Chrome add-on all seem to be in development right now, so that might explain why sharing didn't work as expected.

I'm also confident that the team of 12 talented guys, who all look surprisingly similar (check them out here and run your mouse around the screen for added fun) and got Taskos to over 1,000,000 downloads will quickly sort out all the bugs. And they'll have to, as word on the street is Taskos users will be offered to migrate to Any.DO soon.

Check out this quick overview of the app I shot earlier today along with the screenshots, then grab it for a cool price of free ninety-nine:

wm_SC20111110-112426 wm_SC20111110-112453 wm_SC20111110-112436

wm_SC20111110-135720 wm_SC20111110-135707 wm_SC20111110-135654

wm_SC20111110-135527 wm_SC20111110-135556 wm_SC20111110-112416