Joining the race to replace all of your practical possessions with mobile apps, Lockitron is offering an NFC-based, key-free lock control solution for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry that has the potential for tons of applications, from letting people into your home while on vacation, to simply buzzing in a friend with no effort whatsoever.

Utilizing a system of "mobile keys," Lockitron's system communicates with a small hardware device connected to the user's internet router, which in turn communicates with your doors, either automatically, or through the use of an optional NFC tag that the user would manually slap onto a lock. Just in case your specific door isn't compatible with Lockitron, the company is offering "self install kits," which give you the hardware you need to unlock doors from anywhere.

For those with NFC-enabled phones (such as the Nexus S, or the upcoming Galaxy Nexus), unlocking a door with a mobile key is as simple as holding up your phone. Users can also send mobile keys to others via SMS, allowing them to unlock doors for a certain time frame, with the owner's permission.

At $295, the system isn't exactly accessible to the average consumer just yet, but compared to other solutions, Lockitron is reasonably priced, and seems to include some fairly awesome functionality, making it easy to manage your locks from just about anywhere, and allowing you to open the door for guests without the hassle of standing up or turning a door knob.

For more information, check out Lockitron's official website.