Ah, the Droid Charge -- the Droid that never should have been. It was the first LTE Droid to hit Verzon and... well, its accomplishments stopped there. In fact, this once-flagship device is still running Froyo, rendering some of its hardware basically useless (like the front facing camera). Fortunately, Gingerbread may be just around the corner for those who bought into the Charge hype, as a new leaked build just landed on MyDroidWorld, courtesy of P3Droid.

While there isn't a changelog of any type, the leak does comes in a variety of options: stock, not rooted; stock, rooted; stock, deodexed, rooted; and deodexed, debloated, rooted. Be aware that flashing any of these builds will completely wipe your device, so be sure to make the necessary backups before you proceed.

If you decide to give this a shot, P3 has also included the necessary files to go back to stock Froyo in case you experience any issues (or you want to return to stock when if the official OTA ever comes out).

For full flashing instructions and downloads, head over to MyDroidWorld and pick your poison.