Earlier today, Google announced Google+ pages for businesses and other entities. Naturally, we rushed over to G+ to snag our piece of the pages pie, and we'd like to invite each and every one of you to circle the new Android Police Google+ Page!

2011-11-07 15h47_20

We will continue to update the +Art Russ account for the time being, but go ahead and circle/share the new one so we can spread the word. While you're at it, don't forget to +1 the page as well!

We're hoping that there will be an option to migrate all data (including followers) from the Art Russ account to the new AP Page, but that's probably unlikely. This new transition also brings a few questions/feature requests into play, like will multiple team members be able to post to a single page without logging out from their personal accounts like Facebook pages? At the current moment, all core team members share a single login for the +Art Russ account, so the ability to add/edit posts on the Android Police page from our personal accounts would make things quite a bit easier.

Secondly, will we get a vanity URL? Google used to offer with profiles before G+ existed, so I expect that they will eventually bring this back, because, you know, http://plus.google.com/AndroidPolice is a heck of a lot easier to remember than https://plus.google.com/103876278794381402383.

Now, get to circlin'!