One of the biggest problems that developers face with Android is the wide range of devices that run the OS. Different hardware, screen resolutions, Android versions, etc. make it extremely difficult for devs to ensure that their apps will run correctly on every single device. Apkudo is a service looking to change that by helping developers test their app on nearly 300 real-world devices.

Here's how it will work: devs submit their app to the Apkudo team, who will then run the app on some 289 different devices and return the results back to the submitting developer. Pretty awesome, no? Here's the real kicker: they are able to test every screen and feature on each app on all 289 devices in less than a minute. That's pretty impressive if you ask me.


They will use external cameras to capture videos and images of the entire process, so the dev can refer back to each piece of media and determine what exactly went wrong.

Apkudo is set to be formally announced at AnDevCon on November 6th for an initial price of free, making this service even more impressive. Eventually they will also offer a premium service that will offer even more tests. Very cool stuff.

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