Google just announced the newest version of GoogleTV, which will bring four major areas of change to GTV sets:

final-home final-V2-TV-and-Movies

  • A much simpler, customizable interface, featuring an Android-like app tray.
  • Improved search options for LiveTV, Netflix, YouTUbe, HBO GO, and more. A new TV & Movies app lets you browse through over 80,000 movies and shows.
  • Improved YouTube experience built specifically for GoogleTV. YouTube is now more integrated into GT search, allowing you to easily find nearly anything you want even faster.
  • Apps! The Android Market will be included in the update, although apps that require touch interaction or telephony won't be available (for obvious reasons). However, fifty developers have already started to build the app ecosystem by dropping several GTV specific apps into the Market.

final-youtube final-market-screen

The update is set to start rolling out to Sony devices starting next week with Logitech devices soon thereafter. New software updates and new hardware should start showing up in the coming months, as well.

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