Sprint just released its Q3 earnings report, and while it's nothing to boast about, it does offer some encouraging numbers for the Now Network. Its operating revenue is up to $8.3 billion -- a slight jump up from this time last year. It also saw a major jump in wireless subscribers, adding 1.3 million new customers -- a five year high for the company. Out of the 1.3 million, 304,000 were post-paid, 485,000 were pre-paid, and 835,000 were wholesale. Sprint lost about 44,000 post-paid customers in Q3, which is a major improvement over last quarter when it lost a whopping 100,000 subscribers (ouch).

It's not all cotton candy and rainbows for the Now Network, however -- it reported a net loss of $301 million, which is still lower than the previous quarter's figures, but definitely nothing to write home about.

During this morning's earnings call, the company also confirmed what we already knew: the iPhone 4/S launch marked the company's best ever day of sales, which should help to boost these numbers for Q4.