I don't usually post Amazon Appstore apps outside of our social media accounts, but today I felt compelled. There are a few options when it comes to office replacement apps that can read and write all your docs, presentations, and spreadsheets - most of them costing over $10. I've been eyeing OfficeSuite for a while, but never really bothered to try it out.


Well, I just did because OfficeSuite Pro 5 is free at the Amazon Appstore today, and after playing with it, I have to say it's the best office app for Android I've tried so far (at least based on my first impressions). The UI is polished and functional, Google Docs connectivity works as advertised, and it was able to read a file no other office app was able to read so far (damn you, program that sends me nightly reports!). Oh yeah, and it works on tablets too (see below).

Update: We reach out to MobiSystems to inquire about the SMS permission (we already knew the Accounts permission was needed to gain access to Google Docs), and she had this to say (as expected - there was no hidden agenda here):


Thanks for the post!

We need the permissions for SMS/MMS (I guess this is the group that users are not happy about) because these are in the same group as the access to the Google account and OfficeSuite has the feature to allow access to Google Docs. Otherwise there is no way to support access to remote files.

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OfficeSuite Pro's regular price is $14.99 (and it's rated 4.1 stars in the Android Market), so you really have no excuse to pass on this deal today, so long as you live in the U.S. - otherwise use a workaround to get the Appstore to work for you outside the U.S. (Google around for solutions).

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Source: Amazon Appstore

OfficeSuite Pro + PDF
OfficeSuite Pro + PDF
Developer: MobiSystems
Price: $19.99+