It looks like Gameloft has done it again, cooking up an awesome new game for Android. The makers of such hits as BackStab, and the N.O.V.A. series, released today the first official launch trailer for their new game - Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

The Modern Combat series is one of the "most acclaimed FPS games on Android," bringing polished, action-packed, first person gameplay to the palm of your hand. The series aims to immerse the player in a "modern war experience," taking you to detailed, polished environments, and providing you with plenty of challenges, along with enough weapons to get the job done effectively. Modern Combat 3 appears, from the trailer, to have a considerable leg up over its predecessors, packing a higher level of detail and finesse into the environments, and bringing the same level of action we've come to expect from the MC series.

Gameloft hasn't given us an exact release date yet, but we can expect Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation to be available for Android (and iOS) "soon."

Update: According to Gameloft, the release date is October 27th!