Update: Well, what do you know -- Verizon just updated the support documentation for the Tbolt to reflect the newest build... and it just so happens to be 2.11.605.5. Yep, the exact same as this build. Looks like this is the official OTA, folks. Check out the full changelog here.

Thunderbolt owners have been waiting a long while to get Gingerbread -- too long, considering this phone was once Verizon's flagship. We've seen several leaked builds come around, all of which experienced a variety of problems. The most recent leak seemed to be the most stable so far, but it was still chock-full of annoying little bugs.

Fortunately, we've gotten a hold of a newer build (2.11.605.5) that fixes a lot of the issues from the 605.3 build, so HTC is clearly heading in the right direction.

Here's a summed up version of what's new in this build:

  • HTC Logger removed
  • Voicemail notification fixed
  • Front facing camera/Gtalk fixed
  • MMS/SMS Fixes
  • Weather syncing fixes
  • ...and more

Sound good? I thought it might. Head below for download and installation instructions.

Using this RUU will wipe all data on your device! Please make a backup of all sensitive data before proceeding. Similarly, you will lose root if you flash this. It is unclear right now whether or not this version is easily rootable. Proceed with caution!

As always, Android Police is not liable for any damage caused to your device if you choose to use this RUU.


Gingerbread 2.11.605.5 for the HTC Thunderbolt (MD5: c5fda16925a974bbd6cd7007b2cf28f0)

Installation Instructions

It's the same song and dance as always, so if you've done it before, then you already know what to do.

  • After downloading it, rename it to "PG05IMG.zip"  Note: If you're doing this from a Windows machine, make sure you don't rename the file "PG05IMG.zip.zip," as Windows hides known file extensions by default.
  • Drop the file on the root of the SD Card
  • Turn off your device
  • Hold Volume Down + Power to reboot into the bootloader -- the file should automatically be detected and the flashing process will begin.
  • Wait for your device to complete the process and reboot

The first reboot will take several minutes, so just kick back and let it do its thing. Enjoy!

[Thanks, Jerry!]