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Apps - PART 2


Android Police coverage: Zimperium Finally Releases 'Anti' For Android, Allows You To Use Penetration Testing Tools On The Go

** Root Required **

The days where penetration testers carry around laptops with them to test the security of networks seem to be numbered, with Zimperium's 'Anti' bringing a lot of those tools over from the PC to Android smartphones. It's been a long time coming, but Anti is now available to download to your phone for free from the Zimperium website. You will have to install 'AntiCredit' from the Android Market in order to actually use the application effectively by buying credits.

Update: The AntiCredit app is currently MIA from the Market, and it's not entirely clear what happened. It's possible that the app will now allow buying credits directly.

Update #2: The download page is finally open to everyone and not just private beta testers.

anti android local anti device menu anti foreign targets

Pocketmags Magazine Newsstand

Pocketmags is a digital newsstand where consumers can purchase single issues and subscriptions from a wide range of magazines from across the globe. A single purchase on Pocketmags gives readers access to their digital editions on various devices including PC & Mac computers, iPad, iPhone and Android devices.


Pocketmags Magazine Newsstand
Pocketmags Magazine Newsstand


Weddar is the first people powered weather service in the world. In Weddar you have real people reporting on how the weather feels, not machines, bringing a personal touch to weather services.

Instead of the usual broad and generic “New York, 93º f, 73% humidity, NE light wind” information that traditional weather apps give you, in Weddar someone somewhere in Central Park will tell you that the weather “Feels Perfect”, while another one near the river will tell you that it “Feels Good but windy”. Because weather conditions really are different within the same city. And you can also contribute location-based weather reports from where you are, just by clicking on one of the nine color clouds.

Price: Free

Postcard On The Run

Use your Android phone to share memories the old-fashioned way. Instantly create and mail real photo postcards directly from your Android phone from 99 cents and up. Just snap, tap and send anywhere in the world! We handle printing, postage and delivery. Easily personalize with your own photo, message, and signature. No address? No problem - we’ll find it for you. Share memories the old-fashioned way, with real photo keepsakes your friends and family can hold close to their hearts.

Features include:
• Send real postcards directly from your phone to any mailing postal address in the world.
• Send postcards in the mail to recipients for whom you only have a cell number or email using our Postal Gopher™
• Sign your postcard with your finger!
• Add your own personal message.
• Include a map on your postcard using GPS location.
• Easy to pay with any major credit card or your PayPal account.


The app was not found in the store. :-(

Crestron Mobile

Crestron is the leader of home automation, controlling entertainment and environmental systems from touchpanels, keypads, remotes and Web-enabled devices such as Android phones and tablets. Crestron Mobile keeps you connected to the home and office when you’re on the go. Communicating via 3G or Edge cellular network (or Wi-Fi), you can view room and device status and adjust climate, lighting and security control features. (Required control module must be uploaded to the Crestron control system the by an authorized dealer). Crestron Mobile talks directly to the home control system without third-party software or external servers.

Crestron Mobile
Crestron Mobile

Shoeboxed Receipt Tracker

The Shoeboxed Android app allows you to submit receipts, track expenses and generate expense report anytime, anywhere.

✓ No Shoeboxed.com account required
✓ IRS accepted digitized receipts
✓ Effortlessly store and organize your receipts
✓ Never lose a deduction again
✓ Save time on tax return preparation, expense reports, budgeting and bookkeeping.

✓ Snap pictures of receipts, Shoeboxed enters date, total, payment type, store and category
✓ Create and send expense reports from your Android Phone
✓ Export expenses to QuickBooks, Quicken, FreshBooks, Outright, Xero and more
✓ E-mail, phone support available

The app was not found in the store. :-(


Shoutz helps users engage with friends, family, fans and the world through video. Unlike other social networks, Shoutz is truly the first mobile-to-mobile video network built around its own unique platform. Users can share, comment, rate and ReShout right from their Smartphone.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

AT&T DriveMode

The AT&T DriveMode App is designed to help you curb the urge to text and drive by allowing you to temporarily disable some of the features of your mobile device so you stay focused on the road. When the app is turned on, notification sounds for incoming texts, emails and phone calls are silenced and those who are trying to reach you will receive an auto reply message letting them know you're on the road and will get back to them when it's safe.

When your phone is in DriveMode, text messages and emails cannot be sent or received; however, you do have the flexibility to make and receive calls to/from up to five (5) people. Plus you're always able to call 911. Additionally, you can access one "music" app and one "navigation" app of your choosing.

When you've arrived safely to your destination, you simply turn the app "off" to resume the mobile conversation and restore all features of your phone. It's that simple! Remember, when it comes to texting and driving...it can wait. AT&T DriveMode is free to AT&T customers only and requires a compatible device.

AT&T DriveMode
AT&T DriveMode
Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
Price: Free


Snapr ♥’s mobile phone photographers, over-sharers, and all social snaprers. Use our service to broadcast your favorite moments, track the places you visit, and record the things you see. We bring people's shots together by place and time and make it easy to keep track of your family and friends. You can link your account to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare and use Snapr as a social hub for sharing.

Features Include:

-Speedy sharing to multiple services including Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr.

-Super smooth Foursquare photo checkins.

-Add your best friends and favorite searches to a custom dash view and easily keep track of the things you care most about.

-View photos on a real time map, search back in time, view shots by everyone, the people you follow, or just you.

-Popular photo galleries for today, this month, and all time.

-See the most popular photos for the last month from some of the worlds most exciting cities including New York, London, Paris and Tokyo.

-Profiles can include links to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare accounts so you can find out more about people whos photos you like.


Developer: Snapr
Price: Free

Chime.in for Android

Tell the world about what interests you with Chime.in. Join the Chime.in interest network, where people share, connect with others, and build communities around their favorite topics. Browse and send Chimes: real-time, rich-media posts. Follow people or subscribe to interests for the latest and greatest updates on whatever you're into, from pop culture to that obscure hobby to breaking news.

Feature list:
- Create Chimes to broadcast what interests you
- Browse Chimes in Index or Chimeline view
- Like, Save, Share, Comment on Chimes
- View Profiles
- Follow/Selective Follow People
- Subscribe to Interests

The app was not found in the store. :-(


Android Police coverage: T-Mobile Announces Enhanced Functionality For Bobsled, Its Universal Web Calling Service

Free calling between Web, Android, and iPhone/iPod/iPad. Bobsled by T-Mobile lets you call your Facebook friends for free, wherever they are. Reach your friends on their desktop or mobile device with Bobsled. No need for your friends to download anything to receive your calls. Simply tap on a friend to call them. Bobsled will find them on Facebook, their Android, or their iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and connect the call. If they are not there, leave a Bobsled voice message for them on Facebook. This will leave a public message on your friend's wall.

Listening to a rockin’ band and want to share the love but not interested in chatting live? Or maybe you’d like to record and send your boyfriend a Happy Birthday message? No problem - Bobsled lets you record a Voice Message and post it to your friend’s Facebook wall. And your friends can also reach you on Bobsled, either from the Bobsled browser app or their Bobsled Mobile app.

Bobsled is a new way to communicate centered around your social circle. Today, that means one-touch calls without phone numbers or concerns for where your friends may be. Expect great things in future releases, including Bobsled Messaging, video calling and support for new devices.

- Call Facebook friends on Facebook (web) or Bobsled Mobile
- Receive calls from your Facebook friends using Bobsled
- Post Voice Messages to your friends’ walls
- Favorites
- Call History

Developer: IDT Messaging
Price: Free


If you are bored or new in town and are interested in things to do like joining a party or social gathering, then spotvite is your ticket to instant fun with either group of friends or new people in your local neighborhood. You can set up instant invitations for pickup games, social events or go out to your favorite hangout spot like your local bar. Or if your interested in setting up dinner plans to explore and share good food in your area, you can join a meet up without reservations.

We are only supporting San Francisco area right now, host your own things to do in other cities.

• unique map interface to host “spotvites” quickly and efficiently
• option to select desired photos from Flickr in order to customize and further promote the activity, event, or meetup you are hosting
• Currently English only
• You can invite your friends using Facebook and Twitter


The app was not found in the store. :-(

The Ogglies - A Dragon Party

Don't even try to read the full description - it doesn't make sense to us adults.


Have a Dragon Party and lots of fun with this animated book with games & music. Light the fireworks for Firebottom’s birthday, look out for brand new, fantastically farty features, and make the mucky most of the Ogglies’ latest adventure.

The app was not found in the store. :-(


Tout: Life’s Moments. Watch 15-second video status updates captured on your smartphone, tablet, or webcam. Share instantly with Facebook Friends, Twitter followers, and your contacts.


Developer: Tout Industries
Price: Free

Trulia - For Rent

Designed specifically for apartment-hunters on the go, Trulia - For Rent takes all of the pain out of finding your next place to live. Quickly find homes for rent or the apartments you like, share notes and photos with your roommates, and stay on top of what’s new on the market.

• Personalize your search - Quickly find properties you like by GPS or location, get rid of the ones you don’t
• Remember what you liked (or didn’t) about the place - Take notes and photos, and also share them easily with roommates and family
• Never miss out on another rental - Sign up for email alerts right from your phone to know when new properties become available
• Quickly see what’s new - Marker colors help show you what properties you haven’t seen yet
• Find open houses near you and easily add them to your calendar
• Find properties using voice-based search – Just say the city, # of beds and bath, and price range

Trulia Rent Apartments & Homes
Trulia Rent Apartments & Homes
Developer: Trulia
Price: Free


Get ready to drink socially. Untappd is a new way to socially track, rate, & share with your friends what beers you're enjoying, as well as where you're enjoying them.

Track & rate what beers you have and share them with your friends
Geolocation enabled so you can tag your location & see what’s trending nearby
Twitter, Facebook & Foursquare integration for social sharing
Toast and comment on your friends beers
Earn a wide variety of badges
See what beers are trending nearby and where to find them
Upload Photos of the beers your having
A Real-Time Notifications System for your Toasts and Comments

Untappd - Discover Beer
Untappd - Discover Beer
Developer: Untappd
Price: Free


Android Police coverage: Android Users Can Now Control Their ADT Home Security Systems From Anywhere Thanks To ADT Pulse (Beta)

ADT Pulse™ Interactive Solutions is an advanced service from ADT to help manage and protect your home whether you are there or away, enabling you to stay in touch with the things that matter most. Call 1-866-252-4994 now to learn more about ADT Pulse.

To be able to have access to the features of this app, you must subscribe to ADT Pulse. This app gives you the ability to:

- Arm and Disarm your home security system remotely
- Control and monitor your home’s thermostat and lights (allowing you to make your home more energy efficient including home automation)
- Receive text message and email alerts for important events
- View live video of your home while you are away

The app was not found in the store. :-(

U.S. Bank

Android Police coverage: Major Financial Powerhouse U.S. Bank Releases Android App

Your Android and the U.S. Bank Mobile App put a personal bank at your fingertips.

- Deposit checks with DepositPoint™ Mobile
- Pay bills
- Check balances
- Transfer money between accounts
- View transactions
- Locate ATMs

Vonage Extensions

Now international calls from your Android device are included with your Vonage home service. If your Vonage home service includes unlimited calling, those calls are also unlimited from your Android phone. You no longer have to be at home to get the value of Vonage international calling. Just download the app, sign in and start calling directly from your contact list. Call when you want, when it’s convenient for you.

• Unlimited* calling or low per-minute rates, same as your Vonage home plan
• Your first extension is included with your home calling plan. No extra charge.
• Dial directly from the app using existing address book contacts
• No hidden fees or access charges

Vonage Home Extensions - VoIP
Vonage Home Extensions - VoIP
Developer: Vonage
Price: Free


Yeah, those jeans fit well. Really well... image


Ask Questions & Give your Opinion with Opinionaided.

- Get opinions & advice fast from tons of people
- Vote & comment on questions to help others
- Review responses instantly in results
- Meet people who have similar opinions as you

Submit a question to get thoughts on anything. For example:
- Do these jeans fit well? Any suggestions?
- Should I get an iPhone or Android phone?
- Should I dye my hair dark brown and cut it for my new job?
- What do you think of this as a profile picture?
- It's been 3 years, has it been long enough to date my ex's friend?
- Should the Mets trade Jose Reyes?
- Pink shirts for guys, in or out

The app was not found in the store. :-(

AMC Mobile

The latest from AMC's Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and more... From AMC at amctv.com: Get updates, sneak peeks, behind the scenes video, and cast interviews for AMC's Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, The Killing and The Walking Dead. For selected series, premiere episodes only will be viewable for limited durations (full seasons not available). In addition, get video from AMC News covering top film festivals as well as full episodes of The Three Stooges and The Rifleman. Read AMC's blogs, optimized for the Android, on movie news, theatrical and DVD reviews, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, The Killing and The Walking Dead.


The app was not found in the store. :-(


We posted the game roundup separately - see here.

Live Wallpapers

Mystic Night LWP

Mystic Night live wallpaper, a mysterious enchanted night scene with moon and clouds.

- Beautiful enchanted night scene
- Moon movement length
- Falling stars
- Parallax effect
- Use 3D hardware to render images, save battery
- Support most resolutions including Android 3.0 tablet

Mystic Night Live Wallpaper
Mystic Night Live Wallpaper
Developer: Xllusion
Price: Free

Alien Skins Free

Android Police coverage: Maxelus Introduces Alien Skins - A Psychedelic LWP With Seemingly Endless Customizations

Alien Skins Free. OVER 1900 combinations in FULL version. Find Your skin! Cool animated 3-D abstract effect for Your phone. In free version available is 2 Skins and 10 Color Themes.

In FULL version additionally:
+ More than 50 3-D Wallpapers in ONE
+ 50 Skins and 38 Color Themes
+ OVER 1900 combinations!

In Free version :
+ Easy and fast configuration on screen.
+ 2 Skins and 10 Color Themes available
+ Works with phones and tablets.
+ Battery saving features
+ Low memory consumption
+ Support move to SD Card
+ You may test first all on free version.

Alien Shapes Free
Alien Shapes Free
Developer: maxelus.net
Price: Free


I think I have boxers in that color...


This live wallpaper for the Android platform simulates a piece of cloth attached to the back of your mobile device. Using real physics to shake your wallpaper to life, this app also offers an always expanding gallery of textures in order to provide you an unique and fun experience.

Developer: Rares Barbantan
Price: Free

Halloween Jack Live Wallpaper

Download this Halloween Live Wallpaper which includes Halloween Jack, an eerie candle glow, moonlight and lightning on touch. Customizable features include lightning touch, automatic lightning strikes and lantern embers.

Haunted House HD

Enter and explore a spooky haunted house - in true 3-D. From the creators of My Beach, Season Zen, and Celtic Garden comes a spooky 3D live wallpaper creation for Halloween - or any time you need a little scare.

Creep towards a looming Haunted House on Halloween night. Tiptoe past glowering pumpkins and a mailbox with your own custom name or message. If you dare, slam the knocker attached to a nameplate with your name or message on it, and push the creaking door open. Explore a haunted house full of ghosts, flickering lights, paranormal activity, and many other surprises just waiting to leap out at you!

Customize every part of the scene, including your own custom message for the mailbox and door. Choose your style of pumpkins, and decide if you want to see the inside or outside of the haunted house. You can also hide or show the items in the scene to decorate your haunted house for Halloween, making it as spooky or as fun as you like.

This wallpaper is true 3-D with hand-crafted artwork. Our wallpapers feature silky-smooth animations while conserving your battery life. Works great with phones, tablets, or any device that supports live wallpapers.


Haunted House HD
Haunted House HD
Developer: DualBoot Games
Price: $1.99+

For Tablets

We posted the tablet roundup separately - see here.

WTF Apps Of The Week

Girl Versus Knives

Girl vs Knives - that name sure caught my attention.


Touch the spinning wheel to throw the knife without hitting the girl. Experience the most difficult and dangerous feat for a knife thrower. Your assistant is strapped to the spinning wheel of death. Carefully time your throws to land knives on the wheel without hitting her. With each success you move on to the next act and things get harder. Are you good enough to become the greatest knife thrower ever?

The app was not found in the store. :-(

iSteve: The Last Journey

OK, I don't even know what to say - iSteve says it's a tribute, yet he's flying around next to Bin Ladens, iFanboyz, and iPatent iLawyers (OK, that did crack me up a bit). Just make sure to clear the waves without "dieing."

"Extreme iFanBoy can only be stopped by 'holding him wrong'" - epic lulz!


iSteve: The Last Journey, a tribute game to the visionary Steve Jobs!

The year is 2011, Steve Jobs is in search of magic to power his last magical iDevice, and has zeroed in on the patent free world of the Uni-Leprechauns! Enjoy our tribute game to the visionary Steve Jobs and how he changed our world, while enjoying some of his best key-note speeches in their AUTOTUNED glory!

You must use the power of your Unicorn Horn to pop Steve's bubble, if you miss, summon a Rainbow Kick to push the invaders back and try again. The angrier Steve gets, the redder his face gets, and the faster he falls towards your world! If he gets there he will take off with a Pot of Magic, and you will lose a life, lose 4 and Steve will patent your world for his own!! Steve will call on his massive followers to assist, so bring your A game! Extreme iFanBoy can only be stopped by "holding him wrong", and catch him in the Uni-Leprechauns hands. iPatent lawyers only care about one thing, your pot of gold!!

Steve's presentations provide an Autotuned background music to keep the fun going! You can move left/right using the accelerometer, or dragging the Uni-Leprechaun. To launch the Rainbow Kick, click on screen anywhere outside of the Uni-Leprechaun, or one of 4 user defined buttons (Search, Camera, Vol Up or Vol Down).

This game is OpenFeint enabled, can you get the World High Score?!?! Or will you simply settle to be at the top of the local leader board (on device) with your initials at the top? See if you can unlock all the OpenFeint Achievements!! (Including a secret hidden achievement!)

iSteve: The Last Journey
iSteve: The Last Journey

Pocket Stalin

Want you own pocket dictator (don't forget to read the disclaimer too)?..


Your own personal adviser! Ask Pocket Stalin a question, and get great advice!

Ever wished you had your own personal advisor? A state sponsored comrade, who could help you with life's tough decisions?

Pocket Stalin is here to answer your most pressing questions! Just shake your phone, and Pocket Stalin will dig into his endless wisdom and guide you to the correct choice.

- Should I have pizza for dinner tonight?
- Should I quit my job?
- Does the driver behind me deserve the finger?

Ask a Yes or No question and Pocket Stalin has the answer (well, usually at least).


- Full voice acting with 175 spoken phrases.
- 90 Different yes/no/maybe answers.
- 50 Words of Wisdom.
- A unique magic 8-ball.
- Install to SD card supported (App2SD).

Disclaimer: If you are a head of state, and use Pocket Stalin when making big shot decisions, we cannot take responsibility for any bad consequences or international boycotts that may arise from your poor use of this software. After all, the advice does come from a dictator.


The app was not found in the store. :-(


Did you really think Osama is not going to be back? Well, he is. As a zombie. I mean ZomBinLaden. Oh, and I guess Baixaki means WTF in whatever language that is.


Osama Bin Laden is back as a Zombie! Send him back to his grave!

A fun game to hunt the one who was once the most wanted terrorist in the world! (Baixaki)

In 2011, the U.S. president Barack Obama went public to announce that U.S. troops captured and killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. In ZomBinLaden Free, your task is to go looking for the terrorist, who is now back as a zombie.


This time the terrorist is a zombie, much faster and powerful.
Have you ever wanted to save the world? This is your chance to help Interpol, CIA and Navy SEALs to send the world’s most wanted terrorist back to his grave! But be careful, other Taliban zombies terrorists are trying to protect their mentor, so take care not to hurt innocent and even famous people in this highway to hell!

★ Simple and very exciting game.
★ Special appearance of Saddam Hussein, Hitler, Einstein and other historical characters.
★ OpenFeint support with High Score and Achievements.

Including 4 challenging game modes:

★ TIMED MODE - Hit as many zombies as possible in a limited time match.
★ ENDLESS MODE – Hunt down a target zombie on an endless match.
★ WANTED MODE - Different zombies are the target at each round in this challenging game.
★ MEMORY MODE - Test your mind in a memory game match.

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