So, imagine this: you're walking through the mall, heading to the food court to munch on whatever greasy, artery clogging slop you can find. You sit down, pull out your mobile, tap it on the table, order your food, pay, and wait for your phone to notify you that your meal is ready. No lines, no feeling rushed because you have no idea what you want -- just you and your phone. Sounds awesome, right?

That's exactly what Australian design firm S-Digital wants for the future of the food court, and to prove how badly they want it, they made it happen. The proof of concept is called BrandTable, and it's little more than some circular stickers with embedded NFC tags inside. A tap of the phone takes you to the respective food establishment's website where you can order and pay, all without having to get your lazy ass out of the seat -- you will, however, have to get up to go get your food. Some technology, huh?

Unfortunately, this is still years from practical implementation, but there are few words that can explain how much I want it right now. This is some serious Back to the Future stuff -- Doc Brown would be so proud.

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