Remember Amazon Wireless' Freedom to Choose video contest? Yeah, the one with $15k in prizes for making a simple video telling why AW is awesome. Artem and I helped judge the contest alongside folks from Android & Me and Phonedog --  all the videos have been weighed and measured, and the winning clips have now been chosen.

There were two different categories: Judges and Voting. Here are the winning videos for each category:


#1. Amazon Wireless Rap ($5000)

#2. Change for a Dime ($4000)

#3. Phone Rage ($2000)

#4. Tell Everyone! ($1000)

#5. Marionette Theatre ($800)

#6. The History of Buying a Cell Phone ($700)


#1. Your Environment ($1000)

#2. Amazon Wireless Interrogation ($500)

Congratulations to all the winners and a big shoutout to Amazon Wireless for involving us in the judging process!

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