It looks like the HP Touchpad isn't the only tablet to have a bounty placed on its head - Kindle Fire Forum is now offering a substantial reward to the first person who's able to provide a reliable, reversible root method, or either a Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich port for Amazon's Android tablet.


The forum is offering a prize of $200 for a root method, and a whopping $800 for a "Basic" Honeycomb or ICS port. The original post outlines the goals like so:

Reliable Reversable Root Method - This one is self explanatory.

Basic Android Port – The stock Android home screen and apps boot. Touchscreen works, full offline app functionality is present. Android – Honeycomb required ICS preferred. Audio, Multi-touch, etc: Full or nearly-full functionality required. Only quality ports will be rewarded. Fastboot/ADB/Bootloader Support – Development and documentation of a method for flashing test/dev Android system images Recovery – Development of a working recovery mod for the Fire.

The developer who reaches the goals first needs only to post their source to GitHub, and post videos/links of their work in a separate thread. Such a generous reward should substantially speed up the process of getting a full Android experience on the Kindle Fire, and the race will certainly be interesting to watch. To see the full details, check out the original post on Kindle Fire Forum.