We've already looked at a veritable buttload (yes, that's an official unit of measurement) of features from ICS, but we're not finished yet. Next on the list of things that Google made better in Android 4.0 is an app that nearly everyone is familiar with: the Calendar.

2011-10-19 12h13_02 2011-10-19 12h13_17

Don't get me wrong, the existing Calendar app works pretty well -- it covers all the basics. You can schedule and view appointments, check out an overview of your week or month... pretty much all the things that you expect your calendar to do for you. However, if you use the Calendar often (and you're busy enough to fill it up), then you may have noticed one of the downsides of Calendar: it's not very easy to read when you have a full day planned. The only way to get a better idea of what you're doing (and when) is to tap on each individual item. That changes with ICS, because now you can pinch-to-zoon in the calendar, which allows you to get a closer look of specific parts of your day. Yay for organization!

Of course, the Calendar also uses the new Roboto typeface that we've heard so much about as well, so it's already easier to read in the first place.

During last night's presentation, Hugo only touched on the new features of the Calendar and noted that it was "just a quick look at the Calendar app," and "there's more." I guess we'll just have to wait to get ICS in our hands before we find out what else is in store -- but, so far, it's off to a great start.