Just six days after The CyanogenMod (CM) team released the first alpha build for the TouchPad, they're back with alpha 2. Despite being bumped up a version, it's still an alpha, meaning there are many things that can (and likely will) go wrong. Still, it looks like they've made quite a few improvements with the update:

(AKA things we hope we fixed)

* Plugging headphones in should now shut off speaker volume
* Battery drain issues have been (partially) addressed
* More apps now available in market (thanks to Flemmard)
* Temporarily removed suspect fsck_msdos to fix random folder deletion on media/sdcard.
* At least one type of "sleep of death" (TP won't wake up) has been fixed
* Wifi should no longer hang in sleep
* Vibrator no longer disappears
* Touchscreen no longer unresponsive after sleep
* cifs support added
* Touchstone should now charge better
* fixed broken links resulting from first version of installer (mount now works)
* pptp vpn now works
* OpenVPN TUN support added
* USB mounting in vold added
* Misc. fixes to ACME Installer (more graceful exits, nonstandard LVM media location handling, etc.)
* fixes to surfaceflinger to improve performance
* upstream cm7 changes added

Additionally, there is now an ACME UnInstaller for those who wish to remove the alpha completely. It should remove cm7 and reclaim the space back to the original media partition. Just as with the alpha itself, use the uninstaller at your own risk. Instructions for use are below.

The team does include the usual disclaimer that "Alpha2 is an extremely rough build. Expect more crashes than you can count. Many many things do not work yet." In other words, unless you're a pretty hard-core nerd willing to play the part of brutal lab rat, you may want to steer clear for another few weeks until more bugs are worked out.

Sound like your cup o' tea? Hit up the source link for more details, download links, and instructions. And if you do run the alpha code for a bit, be sure to keep an eye on the bug list and contribute wherever possible!

[Source: RootzWiki]