One of the first things that crossed our minds when Google wrapped up its Ice Cream Sandwich press conference was "what about tablets"? Well now, thanks to This is my Next, we can finally lay those fears to rest: Android 4.0 looks absolutely fantastic on a larger display.

2011-10-18_21-26-06 2011-10-18_21-05-18 2011-10-18_21-34-48

As you can see, it doesn't look all that different from Honeycomb, which makes sense given ICS' promise of unifying Android on phones (currently Gingerbread) with Android on tablets (Hcomb). Still, it has been brushed up here and there - and we like it!

So, how'd they do it? The TIMN team decided to take the Android 4.0 SDK for a spin, and in the process of doing so they discovered an option that allows devs to change the emulator's screen size. They set it to 10", presumably, and voila - ICS in a tablet-sized window.

2011-10-18_21-07-44 2011-10-18_21-41-18 2011-10-18_21-25-28 

There's lots more where those pictures came from, so if you're still famished for more, hit up the source link and enjoy your browsing.

Source: This is my Next