Adding to the heap of shiny new features brought to us in Ice Cream Sandwich, we've got a new lock screen, and of course the fabled virtual button bar.

The redesigned lock screen allows for simple unlocking, or unlocking to the camera app instantly (which, by the way, has zero shutter lag). That's not all it has to offer, though. Users can now swipe down the notification bar to get a peek at what's happening without unlocking their phone. Additionally, the time indicator in the upper right corner is now gone, eliminating the redundancy found in previous iterations of Android.

10-18-2011 7-26-11 PM

Next up is the virtual button bar, a feature that has been rumored since the very dawn of Ice Cream Sandwich rumors. Frankly, it looks better than I expected. We've got the standard Back, Home, and Multitask keys available at all times.

10-18-2011 7-28-22 PM

There is some concern about the lack of a search button, but from the looks of it, the Google search bar at the top of the home screen will be a steady fixture. The great thing about the virtual button bar is that it opens up real estate on the face of the device, allowing for a larger display.

Along with the revamped dock tray, these elements enhance Android's UI beyond previous standards, and give us a few more beautiful features to look forward to in Ice Cream Sandwich.