Remember the Droid Bionic teaser site? If not, here's a quick refresher: four different blogs received some weird artifacts, each of which including a corresponding code. Once that code was entered into the site, it unlocked a new part of the video that ultimately unveiled the Bionic. Looks like Moto is doing something similar for the upcoming Droid RAZR, as it has sent out clues to 16 different blogs, all of which include a special unlock code that reveals a new feature of the RAZR.

2011-10-17 11h31_23

So, Moto, when do we get to be a part of these teasers?

As of right now the only site to have entered a code is Mobile Burn, which revealed the phone's rumored kevlar coating. More sites should be entering their codes soon, exposing all of the features that we will see at Verizon and Motorola's event tomorrow.

[Motorola via Droid-Life]