If the imminent announcement of ICS and the Galaxy Nexus isn't enough to sizzle your circuits, here's another little tidbit coming down from Mountain View. The date and location for Google I/O 2012 has been set in stone. 1 million or more developers, as well as journalists and lucky Google enthusiasts, will converge on Moscone Center West in San Francisco on April 24 and 25.


I/O has become a Mecca of sorts for tech fans, where gifts of tech from the not-too-distant future are bestowed on all, such as last year's special version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. As such, a ticket to get in the door is a hard thing to come by, and Google usually gets pretty creative with giving them away, holding developer contests and the like. There is no word on how to get in as of yet, but keep your eyes glued to the Google Code blog and Android Police for details as they come.

Source: Google Code blog