Well look what we have here. Somehow we've managed to come across pictures of a few Ice Cream Sandwich widgets. Specifically Gmail, Email, and Calendar. And to answer your next question, no, sadly, we can't hook you up with a download. We'd love to, but the widgets would actually need ICS to work.

It looks like they are all getting a nice coat of polish - we've helpfully included the old Honeycomb widgets for comparison (there are no equivalents of these in Gingerbread as far as I know, outside of an old and ugly simple calendar widget).



The lack of labels here is a little alarming, but we have no idea if any of those messages actually have labels. So for now, just hope they are still in the widget.



Unsurprisingly, Email looks just like Gmail.



Calendar gets a new shape and way cooler demo appointments. I had to give the Calendar picture a gray background so you could see the shape - there's no border.

That's it for now. We just might be back with more Ice Cream Sandwich info. Stay tuned.

Thanks, Geek Vundotra