Screencast is quickly becoming the ultimate app demo tool.

Today Screencast added a new weapon to its arsenal: audio recording. You can now record and narrate right from your phone. They've also made the recording 25% faster, so you can do all that and still have a decently smooth video to show off.

For those who don't know, Screencast allows rooted users to capture shockingly good video of their on-screen antics - definitely check out our review if you haven't heard about it.

The 2.0 update also brings a home screen widget, search key activated screenshots, and everyone's favorite: bug fixes!

This much awesome is going to cost you $4.99, and it requires root and anything other than a Tegra 2 processor. There's a demo version here, which is limited to 20 seconds of recording. Go try it and be impressed.

Screencast Video Recorder
Screencast Video Recorder
Developer: Media Solutions
Price: $3.99