What? Google Voice is getting a feature update? People still work on Google Voice?

Update: Well, it's official. Just like suspected, it's currently only working for Sprint customers, and text to email forwarding must be enabled. Not to worry, though, El Goog is working on incorporating this feature into the Voice inbox.

They're also working with other wireless carriers to enable the feature for all Voice users as soon as they can, so just sit tight if you're not on the Now Network -- shouldn't be too long.

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Apparently, Google is taking a baby step towards one of Voice's longest running feature requests: MMS. Some Sprint users are seeing MMS pictures and videos in their email accounts. Nothing works on the app yet, but if you have SMS-to-email forwarding turned on, pictures and videos will end up in your email as attachments. That's better than nothing.

This is Google's usual staggered feature rollout - right now some Sprint users have it and some don't. Hopefully this means full, in-app MMS support is on the way. Pretty please, Google?

Source: plan8ts.com via Lifehacker