Google Music's Music Store is ready to rise from the ashes. The New York Times is claiming Google and the record companies are close to a deal to make the music store a reality. Finally, we will be afforded the privilege of paying the record companies for their music.

If you don't remember, Google Music was originally slated to launch with a music store when it came out 5 months ago, but the deals fell through. Google resorted to launching a "music locker," which allowed you to upload songs from your computer to cloud storage, and then stream the music to your devices or a browser.

If the store is still anything like what was demoed at Google I/O 2010, it's going to be pretty cool. You get push music syncing, just like the Android Market. You click "buy" on your computer and your devices automatically start downloading. Here's the video to jog your memory.

Maybe this is what Google Music needs to shed it's beta status?

Source: The New York Times via Android Central