Soon after HP started their TouchPad fire sale, a version of the device running Android 2.2 appeared on eBay and went on to sell for almost $700. Hopes for an Android port were high and the developer community swung into action offering a $2300 bounty for anyone who could load Android on the TouchPad. The CyanogenMod team, Android developers extraordinaire, did not disappoint and soon the news broke that they had managed to successfully get Android running on the TouchPad. Over the next few weeks the CM team made a number of tweaks to the various hardware and software components of the HP TouchPad, including GPU acceleration, Wi-Fi, Sound, Accelerometer, 3D Games, and video acceleration to ensure that CM7 worked smoothly.

And now, after a month of waiting, the CM team feel that it is time for the first alpha release of CM7 for the HP TouchPad. However, be warned, this is an early alpha release and intended for "those technically competent hobbyists and developers who are interested in testing an early development version and fully understand the risks of doing so may find interest in it". Although HP have indicated their "moral support" for the project, it is prudent to assume that installing CM7 onto your TouchPad will VOID your warranty.

If you are unsure of how CM7 will look on the TouchPad, have a look at Mr Chekov demoing some of its features:

The video shows him play around with the Bluetooth, Netflix, a bit of gaming, and in between he is interrupted by a few Skype calls. To my untrained eye CM7 seems to be running pretty well on the TouchPad, the screen appears responsive, the video is clear, and the audio is crisp. Indeed, the list of working components includes, touchscreen support, GPU acceleration, Bluetooth, dual-core processing, sound, accelerometer, camera, vibration, backlight, LED, softkeys, and Wi-Fi. However, most of these components are not functioning at 100% and there are app compatibility issues.

If you wish to report any bugs (and there are a lot), check out the list here:

Finally, if all this is too much for you and you want to start over simply launch the WebOS Doctor and reset your device.

Head on over to the Rootzwiki thread to read the complete installation instructions and download the necessary files.

And remember, folks, "ETA's are a bad omen".

Source: Rootzwiki