Sprint announced today it will be switching 4G technologies from WiMax to LTE. The LTE network should go live in mid 2012 and and have a "full rollout" by 2013. Sprint eventually hopes to double current amount of 4G customers with its LTE rollout.

Joining the LTE ranks puts Sprint in the same technology corner as AT&T and Verizon, with only T-Mobile still clinging to HSPA+. Sprint's slice of the LTE airways will be the 800 and 1900Mhz spectrum and, pending the FCC's blessing, 1600MHz.

The LTE device wave will start in 2012 with 15+ devices. Phones will be dual-mode CDMA/LTE and even some tri-mode CDMA/LTE/WiMax mobile hotspots.

Sprint also says it will still sell WiMax devices through 2012. So if you are shopping for a Sprint device in the near future, make sure you get the 4G it's building out and not the 4G it's retiring.


Sprint promises WiMax support will continue through 2012. However, I'd imagine if WiMax isn't in your area now, it never will be. I hope you didn't buy that 4G phone expecting service one day.

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