The Prime leaks are rolling out in full force now, and we're really starting to get a good look at what Ice Cream Sandwich is all about. While Google and Samsung decided to cancel the Unpacked event -- originally set for October 11th -- where the Prime and ICS were to be announced, at least we have something to look at while we wait for the date to be rescheduled.

First off, the crew over at MyDroidWorld have gotten their hands on the Prime boot animation, threw it on a Droid Bionic, and shot a video for all to see. It's sleek, fast, and overall looks pretty cool. Take a look:

Pretty sweet, no?

It doesn't end there, either -- there's also a video of the Prime in action. Everything looks very polished at this point, unlike previous leaks that we've seen. It's fluid, buttery-smooth, and looks fantastic. If you weren't excited for this device before, just take a look at this:

To round out this awesome Friday morning set of leaks, we have a gaggle of screenshots. We've seen most of this before, but they do reveal a bit of new information, like a confirmed version number for ICS (finally): 4.0. Otherwise, it's the same (awesome) lockscreen and app tray that we saw in running on the Nexus S bought off eBay, but everything looks much more finalized.

1 2 3

4 5 6

8 9 

And, just for good measure, here's a pic of just the phone. Nothing fancy, but pretty too look at nonetheless.


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