Update: Thisismynext.com has confirmed the purchase with Nuance for "approximately $100 million". It's really real.

Nuance Communications. You probably know them as the company that makes Dragon Naturally Speaking, a speech recognition program. Well, they have another little known side project: Nuance loves keyboards. Like, really loves keyboards.

They own the T9 typing style and the company that invented it. They have their own Android keyboard called Flex T9. A little over a year ago, they bought Shapewriter, Swype's main competitor.

Apparently all that isn't enough to quench Nuance's insatiable lust for keyboards. According to Michael Arrington of Uncrunched, they've decided to drop a cool hundred million on Swype. Swype, and T9, and the Shapewriter people will no doubt get to work building the best (or worst) keyboard I've ever seen. If I were Swiftkey, I'd expect a phone call soon - apparently Nuance has confused keyboards with Pokémon.

...Wait a minute. Swype is worth $100,000,000? Don't ever listen to my advice. Ever.

Source: Uncrunched