Hot on the heels of the Nexus Prime's blurrycam debut, Samsung has provided us a tantalizing peek at the so-called Nexus Prime in a teaser video leading up to Mobile Unpacked 2011, where they are sure to unveil Google's next flagship device.

It appears that rumors pointing toward a curved display are true, and that the Nexus Prime will share the sleek, trim form factor that we've come to expect from Samsung's mobile offerings. BriefMobile speculates that the three dots we're seeing on the right side of the device will be its docking connection, and that the camera will jut out forming the slight chin we see on the backside of the Prime's alleged 4.6" 720p display.

nexus nexusnext

For your viewing pleasure, I've put together a quick composite using screenshots from the video, that should give a clearer look at the device's complete silhouette:

wm_Nexus Prime

The release of Samsung's teaser will no doubt raise anticipation to a fever pitch, just in time for their announcement next Tuesday. You can bet we'll be covering the event live, with our own David Ruddock bringing you all the details you've been waiting for as they're revealed.

Thanks Kenneth for the tip!