There's no doubt that the Kindle Fire is hot commodity right now, and the device hasn't even hit shelves yet. In fact, it's still roughly six weeks away from launch. Still, pre-order sales have been absolutely staggering for Amazon, with over 250 thousand in just a few days. They're averaging around 2,000 per hour, and, if they continue coming in at that rate, this puts the Fire on track to easily top the iPad's record for first-month sales.

The original iPad sold around 300 thousand units on its first day out, with over a million total units sold in the first month. If the Fire continues to gain momentum, it will easily dwarf that number, selling a projected 1.5 million units in its first month. Of course, that still doesn't compare to the iPad 2's first month of 2.5 million units, but still easily crushes everything in the Android world and its biggest competitor, the Nook Color.


Of course, this is all just pure speculation at this point. While these numbers can back up the claim right now, the pre-orders could slow at any moment. Either way, though, the Fire is definitely going to be a major player in the tablet game, and will most likely outsell every non-iOS tablet on the market with ease.

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