A couple of weeks ago, the whole tech world was abuzz with the official launch of Google Wallet, a revolutionary new service that looks to replace your tired old credit cards in lieu of your Android-powered smartphone. As great as that sounds, there is one small  problem: it's only officially available on one device - the Nexus S 4G on Sprint.

While NFC hasn't been widely adopted in the smartphone market yet, the NS4G wasn't even the first device to pack the appropriate hardware -- it was actually T-Mobile's Nexus S (which is the same as AT&T's Nexus S). Still, when Google opened its can of wallet whoopass to the world, the NS4G was the first to utilize the service.

As always, though, the devs over at the XDA forums have come through with a workaround that enables Wallet and all of its features -- including the free $10.00 gift card for signing up for the service -- to the "OG" Nexus S. There is one catch, though: you must be rooted for this to work. If you meet that qualification, the fix is little more than a flash away.

Update: The link below is for those running a custom ROM only. For those running a rooted stock build, go right here.

For full details, instruction, and download, head over to the XDA forums -- if you give it a go, make sure to drop us a line and let us know how you fare.

[Thanks, John!]