The creators of Age of Defenders, a game coming soon to Android and iOS (and already available for PC and Mac), released the game's first trailer today, giving viewers a taste of what's in store for its release.

The game combines the familiar tower defense genre with offensive strategy, and even allows for online play. Better still, the game's desktop version can run directly from your computer's browser.

The graphics are clean, sharp, and realistic, and there are plenty of environments to play through. Enhancing the experience of online play, Age of Defenders offers a chat feature in its computer iteration, allowing users to communicate strategies at the click of a button.


There's no word yet on exactly when Age of Defenders will be available for Android, but it would seem we don't have too much longer to wait, and, in the meantime, we've got the online version to enjoy.

To read more, or play Age of Defenders on your Mac or PC, check out the official Age of Defenders website.