Ever dream of going back in time, kickin' it with your homeboys in an old school style sleepover, and rocking the Nintendo 64 until the wee hours of the morning? That dream can now become a reality (well, aside form the actual time travel part) thanks to the updated Nintendo 64 emulator N64oid.

You may remember a few months ago when  N64oid and a slew of other emulators were pulled from the Android Market for a violation of policies, but that didn't stop developer Yongzh from keeping up work on the project. It simply found a new home where it could live in peace, and everything has been rainbows and butterflies for the app and its brethren ever since.

While there have been many updates to the app since its departure from the official Android Market, the most recent one is probably the most game changing: support for multiple Bluetooth controllers at the same time. Yeah, that means head-to-head action anytime you're ready for it.

In order to get it working, the only thing you need to do is get all your controllers set up with Bluez IME, add them to N64oid, configure key mappings, and then you're ready to once-and-for-all see who's the top dawg on Mario Kart 64 or Mortal Kombat 3. Combine this with a device that supports full HDMI mirroring and you've got yourself a portable console ready for multiplayer action on the fly.

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