Popular Android game developer HandyGames has released a sequel to its well received Guns'n'Glory tower defence game called Guns'n'Glory WW2. The original Guns'n'Glory was a Wild West themed game that put you in charge of mobile units which you had to place in strategic position in order to ambush settlers, stagecoaches and "the gold train". The original game took the concept of a tower defence game and put an intriguing spin on it by allowing the enemy units to fight back. So, what makes a great game that much better? Why a World War 2 themed sequel, of course!

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Building on the popularity of the original game, HandyGames has wisely not made any significant changes to the sequel Guns'n'Glory WW2, save for an updated setting and improved graphics and gameplay. The updates and features include:

  • 2 factions to choose from: US Forces, Axis Germany
  • 4 different units to recruit on each side
  • 12 challenging maps with 3 different difficulty modes
  • Skill system to upgrade your units
  • Powerful items to use for tactical advantages
  • Potential to earn "Glory Coins" to spend on troop and battlefield improvements
  • Earth-shattering explosions and awesome effects
  • Pounding battle tunes

It’s the winter of 1944, Western Front. You and your boys are on guard duty when the enemy decides to throw wave after wave of troops at your position. Time to man the defences! Recruit and upgrade troops, order tanks into battle and beat the enemy with superior tactics and firepower! Call in air strikes to gain the upper hand and collect supply crates to boost troop morale! Put the heat on the enemy with your flamethrowers and have your medics tend to your soldiers! Take up the guns and earn your glory!

Guns'n'Glory WW2
Guns'n'Glory WW2
Developer: HandyGames
Price: Free+