Ice Cream Sandwich. Those three words are sure to catch the attention of every Android feen within a 10 mile radius. If the mere mention of the upcoming version of Android can cause such a stir amongst the community, just imagine what will happen when we get to see it in action?

Actually, you don't have to imagine -- the first video of Ice Cream Sandwich has just hit the internet. It's running on a Nexus S that, unsurprisingly, came from eBay.

Update: If the video above stops working or gets taken down, here are mirrors on YouTube and MegaVideo.

You can definitely see the Honeycomb-meets-Gingerbread action going on here -- even the color scheme is a clear collaboration of the two operating systems, exactly like it did when we leaked exclusive screenshots back in August. The lockscreen and running apps selected are clearly taken directly from Honeycomb, while the app tray remains very Gingerbread.

The launcher has taken on a makeover, too -- we now have four shortcuts where there used to only be two, as well as what looks like a dedicated folder just for Google Apps.

I don't know about you, but I'm more excited than ever for this release to hit devices.

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