We've all been (or will be, at some point) in this situation: you're sharing expenses with your roommates, when suddenly no one has the funds to cover a particular bill. It's unclear who is supposed to be responsible for the unpaid bill, but, because of one person's shortsightedness, it's up to everyone else to make up the difference.

Not a fun scenario to be a part of, trust me. Fortunately, we live in a tech-powered world, and with the increased popularity of smartphones, communication and organization is easier than ever. That's where a new app called Conmigo comes into play for the above mentioned situation.

Conmigo is an organizational app that helps roommates (or anyone else in a shared-expense situation) keep track of who is responsible for what. You can set it up to keep track of expenses in any situation that involves multiple people who are responsible for various financial aspects -- it allows you to creates groups of partners, add expenses for anyone (sorted by category and date), see who you owe (and who owes you), monitor the entire group's expenses, and settle all debts easily.

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The one key piece of the puzzle that's still missing at this point is sync, but the dev has noting in the Market listing that this feature is coming soon, which will drastically improve the ease-of-use and benefit of this app.

Conmigo is free in the Android Market and you can give it a go by hitting the widget below.

Developer: Conmigo Team
Price: Free