As a fan of first Launcher Pro Plus, then ADW EX, and now GO Launcher EX (which is absolutely free, by the way), I wanted to show you guys a recent addition to the latter that made it stand out from the rest of the pack even more than it already does. Lately, LPP hasn't given me any reasons to continue using it whatsoever - the app seems to have been abandoned by Fede, and ADW EX, while a very worthy opponent, also fell victim to GO team's fine offering.

Imagine that you want to organize your busy homescreen and swap some icons around. What do you do? In Launcher Pro or Sense, I either had to remove one of the icons or move it to another homescreen, then start swapping things around using empty space as temporary holders.

Not with GO Launcher EX - a recent addition called app pinching lets me perform the same task much more elegantly. Shall I demonstrate?

Switch to 720p for best clarity

Such a natural and simple movement, isn't it? Yet, I haven't seen anything similar in other launchers (why?). If you're familiar with iOS, what I just showed you shouldn't look too surprising, but I'm not aware of other Android launchers doing something similar - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Update: Apparently SPB Shell 3D, which costs $15, does this too.

You might say GO Launcher borrowed this from iOS (along with those "trembling" icons in uninstall mode), and you'd probably be right, but hey - right now, I'll take this convenience and let Apple worry about the GO team (if they can ever get to them).

GO Launcher EX is absolutely free in the Market - hit up the widget below to grab it.