Broadcom, an innovative player in the communications semiconductor business, announced yesterday their new family of NFC chips, affectionately called BCM2079x.

The corporation seeks to aid in making NFC as widespread as technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi by introducing the 40nm chip which is said to consume 90% less power than current NFC chips, and utilize "field power harvesting" to gain power from the environment.


Making the chip even easier for manufacturers to integrate, Broadcom's new line has slashed the number of components needed to build the chip, and reduced board space requirements as well.

The new line of NFC chips also adds some innovative features making it a versatile element, including the ability to pair with Broadcom's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi components, integration of transaction-based Application ID routing, and multiple single wire protocol interfaces.

Ironically this announcement comes hot on the heels of the unveiling of several NFC-enabled devices already carrying different chips, but it seems that Broadcom's latest family of NFC chips could be poised to launch NFC into ubiquity in the near future.

Source: Boy Genius Report