Not into the girl-centric HTC Rhyme? How about 5GB of free cloud storage courtesy of Dropbox to sweeten the deal? No? Fine. Regardless of whether or not this makes the Rhyme more appealing to the testosterone-fueled among us, HTC has joined forces with Dropbox to up the amount of free cloud storage from 2GB to 5GB on all new and upcoming Sense 3.5 devices.

If you're hoping that your device will snag a Sense 3.5 update and some bonus cloud space to go with it, I wouldn't suggest holding your breath. Even if HTC bumps Sense up to 3.5 on any of its current devices, it's unlikely that the added Dropbox space will come along with it -- I'm sure they're reserving this bonus for those who are looking to pick up a new device.

Either way, free space is free space, and I sure could use an extra 3GB added my Dropbox account about right now (no, I'm not buying the Rhyme).

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