The carriers continue screwing us in lockstep. Sprint is once again making its service less appealing (and more in line with the rest of the quadopoly) by putting a 5GB cap on its Mobile Hotspot plans. As always with capped data, overage fees are now here to keep you up at night. Going over the 5GB cap will tack 5¢ per MB onto your bill, which means the homepage of AP is going to cost you around $0.30. We're like an old timey newspaper.

As for right now, this won't affect regular mobile data (it strictly applies to mobile hotspot), but perhaps they're saving that announcement for later. If you're feeling bummed and need to vent, a public shaming might lift your spirits a bit. Oh, and check out the last bullet point in the flyer: 'Existing Customers will be migrated to the new 5GB plan.' That's right, you can't be grandfathered in.

The restrictions kick in October 2nd. Enjoy!

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