I am not a big fan of live wallpapers. They provide me with eye candy for a few minutes before I completely lose interest and start playing Cut The Rope. However, sometimes live wallpapers can be informative or so compelling that they deserve a second look. The Neon Microcosm Free LWP is one such live wallpaper that is not particularly useful but is aesthetically pleasing.


This live wallpaper hurtles you around a colony of glowing cells and if you purchase the paid version you can also tap the screen to generate new cells and select their colour.

If you want to show off your shiny new Android phone to your friends, there is no better way to do so than having this wallpaper on display.

Neon Microcosm Free LWP
Neon Microcosm Free LWP
Developer: Cypher Cove
Price: Free