Finally! After being limited to US users for the past 2 years, it looks like Google Voice may finally be opening up to the rest of the world. The Next Web has been informed by Jens Redmer, Google's European Director of Business Development, that "Google is currently 'dogfooding' its telephony service Google Voice in Europe ahead of a planned launch outside the US".

Google Voice is a telecommunications and VoIP service developed by Google that allows users (until now limited to residents in the US) to make domestic and international calls from their mobile phone, the Android and iPhone app, the web app, and/or by dialling their personal Google Voice number.

At the European Pirate Summit event in Germany, Redmer stated that Google was taking "concrete action" on bringing Google Voice to Europe. Unfortunately, Redmer was unable to give a precise date for when the service would be available. He did note that Google faced a number of challenges in launching a new telephony service as it would have to contend with technical as well as legal hurdles. Nevertheless, the service, according to The Next Web, is functional, if not widely available in Europe, and "most definitely" on Google's roadmap.

Hurry Google, there are about 6 billion odd people eagerly waiting for this launch.

Source: The Next Web