Leap Wireless, purveyors of Cricket pre-paid cellular services, is set to expand its business to the entire nation beginning Sunday, September 25.

Building on its presence as a regional service, Leap Wireless signed a reseller agreement with Sprint Nextel last year to begin using their network nationwide. On the 25th, Best Buy, followed by select Wal-Mart locations, Dollar Stores, and HSN will begin offering Cricket devices including the ZTE Score - an Android-based device - as well as phones supporting Leap's Muve Music service.


It would seem that Leap is seeking to move Cricket closer to a consumer base that seeks affordable smartphones and competitive pre-paid plans. While Cricket will face competition from better-known national prepaid services, Leap CEO Doug Hutcheson seems confident that the rollout will be a success, stating “We are excited to bring Cricket’s innovative wireless products to a large group of consumers who until now have not been able to take advantage of the tremendous value these products provide.”

Source: All Things D